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Epoxy & Trench Drains

Concrete Floors Don’t Have to Look Like Concrete!

We have gone a step further and become creative in changing the standard, using the metallic floor coating in many areas of your home: basements, recreation rooms, fitness rooms and more.

Beautiful & Practical!

Epoxy floors are easy to clean and leave you with a beautiful shine design! Consider epoxy floors in your basement instead of tiles, wood flooring or carpet.

The epoxy floor also saves your porous concrete floor in the garage from rusty water, salt, automotive lubricant, coolants and fluids. Epoxy floors are cost efficient and come in a wide selection of modern colours.

Flake Epoxy

We offer some of the highest quality flake coatings in the industry. Our flake polyaspartic application is both decorative and durable and can be used on new concrete or making old concrete look new again. The flakes come in a variety of color and sizes and can withstand the harshest conditions.

Polyaspartic coatings offer the highest abrasion-resistant properties, making them perfect for coating garage floors, automotive shops, industrial settings and any other high-traffic areas. In addition to their impressive appearance, these garage floor coatings keep dirt, oil and road salts at the surface, keeping them easy to clean and maintain.

Our Flake Coating System paired with our Trench Drain System (see below) is every garage owner's dream.

Trench Drain System

Having a problem with dirty water on your garage floor that has nowhere to go? Installing a garage drain may be the one solution for you. It’s the best way to get rid of any water/snow that drips off your vehicle. Its also a convenient way for you to clean away any dirty water that’s sits on the garage floor so you do not end up with pooling. Catch basins are also an option to collect all water and debris, and can be manually dumped out as opposed to tying into a drain system. This will keep your garage floor beautiful and dry.

Our trench drain system also works on commercial applications.

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