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Concrete Care

At Delcor Construction Ltd., we aim to provide the very best concrete installation and service. The following tips will help to ensure that your concrete continues to look its best, year after year.

Important! Do not drive on freshly poured concrete for at least 28 days!

General Concrete Care
  • Keep rain and snow run-off away from concrete edges as excessive water can washout the sub-base from underneath and cause the concrete to crack / drop
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean concrete – use a stiff broom and water
Winter Care
  • Use a plastic-edge shovel
  • Do not use any salt, if possible
  • Use kitty litter or sand for icy areas
  • Try not to pile snow on new concrete
Sealing Concrete
  • We recommended sealing your exposed aggregate or stamped concrete every 2-3 years
  • Use a sealer that is approved by Delcor Construction Ltd.
  • We can provide sealing services upon request
Concrete Issues You May Experience
  • Concrete usually cracks due to shrinkage
  • Interior cracks less than 3mm (1/8") wide on interior garage pads and basements and exterior concrete less then 6mm (1/4") wide are considered acceptable by Alberta Warranty Standards
  • Ice, snow and slush should be removed from garage or driveway as overhead doors cause water to pool and can cause the concrete to deteriorate
  • Water pooling less than 6mm (1/4") deep within 4 sq.ft. that stays less than 30 minutes is deemed acceptable
  • Warranty cannot be provided if concrete has not been properly maintained
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